Friday, February 8, 2008

~~~ABOUT ME~~~

A Brief Bio...
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A Little About me...

Born & Raised in New york. I Lived in Long, Island NY 45 years of my life,
where the ocean was my Best friend. I devoted most of my life to Nursing.
In 1995--I moved to AZ where I began a writing career. I've had 6 books published,
am presently working on New projects, and also as of 2008--I REVIEW books--
because I love reading.
I love Nature, Pets & the great Outdoors. My hobby has been
gardening for over 25 years in the Northeast & the Southwest.
As for Awards...The Greatest honor for me was to receive THE
GOLD MEDAL FOR THE UNITED STATES--in achievement--2007 by the
A.B.I. For: Nursing, Education & Author.

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