Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome Authors And Readers...

Many of U out there know me as Author, Reviewer, and Friend as well. For those
who I have not had the pleasure of meeting. I introduce myself as Geri Ahearn--
That's my pen name on All my published work. My real name--Geraldine
I Welcome Authors--Writers-Poets & Booklovers from all walks of
life. For those who don't know me--I can give a simple Bio of My Life--And
where I've been the last thirty-forty years.
As a young child--about age 10--I already knew that I wanted to
help people, and make that a big part of my life. So I did--I graduated Nursing
school in NY---where I lived for 45 years. Most of my life was dedicated to Nursing.
I ventured out to different fields within the Nursing profession--and worked in
hospitals--nursing homes-clinics & schools. My last 6 years devoted to Nursing--
I became certified in CCU---Cardiac Care & part of me enjoyed critical care
Nursing as well--in Coronary care & in ICU---also the ER. Then part of me
always loved teaching--so patient teaching I loved--as well as teaching CPR
And first Aid in Adult ED--as well as for the ARC & the AHA.
When I became a Sub-Nurse for Sachem schools in NY--another part
of me always loved kids--including my own 2 daughters. A secret I never shared
through my youth and even as a Mom---was that I always had the burning desire
to write--just put it on hold for many years--living the fast-paced life as most of
us live today.
As a teenager--I loved poetry--and read the work of many--including
some of my friends. In 1995 after my move to AZ ---I decided to write & have my
work published. Of course I began with poetry. From 1995 to 2007--I've had
3 books of poetry published, and have been published in many anthologies &
Another silent secret of mine was to Write for Children. However--
there was someone out there who inspired me to do so. He was a child of age 3--
I met him during a time when I worked in a school for severely handicapped children.
Everyday--even when I wasn't scheduled to work---I held him in my arms & read
to him. He had a trach--was very ill--could barely move. But when I read to him--
he smiled. I made a vow to myself that after his passing--I will write for children--
And so I did. I began writing "The Nurse In The Purse" series. This little boy
was my true inspiration--because he taught me how much it means to a person--
even when they are sick--to find such a simple task as reading----so rewarding.
I then had "The Nurse In The Purse" Introduction published. A year later--
I was ready to have "The Nurse In The Purse" Volume 1 published--and I did.
In the Memory of this child--I aim to continue this series for a long time.
From 1995-2008--I've had 6 of my own books published. Now--
at age 57---my goal is to continue writing & also REVIEW books for other Authors--
because I enjoy reading!